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Donating and Volunteering

Hannah is our Community Outreach Advocate here at Sunflower Counseling Center. Hannah has a passion for music and mental health awareness. After losing her sister to suicide, she wanted to get involved in helping with the mental health community. She believes in the healing power of music and as a songwriter she hopes her songs will one day help people all over the world, even one person makes a difference. She loves to volunteer and is excited to be part of the Sunflower Counseling team. 

If you are interested in volunteering with Sunflower Counseling Center, please email us at!

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Quality Time

Not everyone can afford the mental health help they need. This is where you come into play. By donating today, you can help someone in need.


For some, counseling is maintenance.  For others, it is a necessity.  A necessity that has the power to keep everyone active members in our community. 

Your donation is truly appreciated. 

Thank you! - Sunflower Counseling

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