Virtual Sessions

Here at Sunflower Counseling, we encourage telemental health sessions. 

Telemental health involves the use of electronic communications to enable a counselor to evaluate your needs and to provide counseling when you are not able to meet your therapist in person. This may involve a telephone conversation, or a video camera and computer so you can see your counselor. 

How does telemental health services work? Your counselor will be in a private office so no one can see you or hear the conversation on the counselor’s end. You will responsible for creating a safe and confidential space for yourself. 

Work/Life Balance

Spend more time doing what you love, with who 

you love.

Relaxed Environment

Introvert? Social Anxiety? Only want to wear pajamas?

Sunflower has you covered.

Baby/Pet Sitter

Less time away from your human AND fur babies.


Stay Safe

We take your health seriously, be it mental and/or physical.



Meet with a counselor from anywhere in the state of Georgia.


No Traffic

No more, "I'm stuck at the light" or "I'm only 10 minutes away."