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Virtual Sessions

Here at Sunflower Counseling, we encourage telemental health sessions. 

Telemental health involves the use of electronic communications to enable a counselor to evaluate your needs and to provide counseling when you are not able to meet your therapist in person. This may involve a telephone conversation, or a video camera and computer so you can see your counselor. 

How does telemental health services work? Your counselor will be in a private office so no one can see you or hear the conversation on the counselor’s end. You will responsible for creating a safe and confidential space for yourself. 

In Office Sessions

Masks ARE REQUIRED and will be enforced.

We have plenty of hand sanitizer, Lysol wipes, and Lysol spray and our office is sanitized throughout the day and before closing.

We also have disposable masks (but encourage clients to bring their own).

The furniture in the rooms have been strategically placed with proper COVID-19 safety precautions in mind.

We will practice social distancing and remain 6-feet apart within the entire office.

At the moment, there will be no more than two counselors seeing clients in the office each day. 

Each client will be asked upon arrival if within the last week they have experienced: Cough, Fever, Shortness of breath, Difficulty Breathing; and Early symptoms such as Chills, Body Aches, Sore Throat, Headache, Diarrhea, Nausea/Vomiting, and Runny Nose. If the answer is “Yes” to any of these symptoms, the appointment will have to be rescheduled.

Work/Life Balance

Spend more time doing what you love, with who 

you love.

Relaxed Environment

Introvert? Social Anxiety? Only want to wear pajamas?

Sunflower has you covered.

Child and Dog.jpg

Baby/Pet Sitter

Less time away from your human AND fur babies.


Stay Safe

We take your health seriously, be it mental and/or physical.



Meet with a counselor from anywhere in the state of Georgia.


No Traffic

No more, "I'm stuck at the light" or "I'm only 10 minutes away."

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